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タイトル: Bombyxin F1 Gene: Structure and Expression of a New Bombyxin Family Gene That Forms a Pair with Bombyxin B10 Gene
著者: Yoshida, Ikuyo
Tsuzuki, Seiji
Salah Eldin Abdel, Salam
Ino, Masaya
Korayem, Ahme Mohamed
Sakurai, Sho link image link image
Iwami, Masafumi link image link image
櫻井, 勝
岩見, 雅史
発行日: 1997年 8月
出版社(者): 日本動物学会
雑誌名: Zoological Science
ISSN: 0289-0003
巻: 14
号: 4
開始ページ: 615
終了ページ: 622
抄録: Bombyxin F1 gene, a new bombyxin family gene, has been identified. The F1 gene forms a pair with bombyxin B10 gene with an opposite transcriptional orientation and the gene pair F1/B10 is located between bombyxin gene pairs B9/C1 and A7/B7 in a bombyxin gene cluster. The nucleotide sequence of the F1 gene and its deduced amino acid sequence deviate moderately from those characterized previously for the family-A, family-B, family-C, family-D, and family-E bombyxin genes; the bombyxin F1 gene and preprobombyxin F1 share no more than 62% and 53% sequence identities with other bombyxin members, respectively. Harr-plot analysis indicated that the spacer of the F1/B10 gene pair has low sequence similarity with that of other bombyxin gene pairs characterized. The bombyxin F1 mRNA in Bombyx mori brain was shown to locate in four pairs of medial neurosecretory cells, which also produce other bombyxin family mRNAs. Genomic Southern hybridization indicated that the Bombyx haploid genome contains a single copy of the family-F bombyxin gene.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2297/10546
資料種別: Journal Article
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