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タイトル: 動的エネルギ解放率に関する基礎的考察
その他のタイトル: Theoretical Study on Dynamic Energy Release Rate
著者: 矢富, 盟祥
Yatomi, Chikayoshi
発行日: 1982年 5月15日
出版社(者): 日本材料学会
雑誌名: 材料 = Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan
ISSN: 0514-5163
巻: 31
号: 344
開始ページ: 458
終了ページ: 462
キーワード: 動的エネルギー解放率
抄録: 458This paper presents theoretical considerations on the expressions for the dynamic energy release rate in elastic crack, propagation. The validity of the expressions, which have been proposed by Erdogan, by Achenbach and by Freund, is discussed on the basis of the fundamental expression defined by an overall energy rate balance. The energy release rate is divided into the usual quasi-static energy release rate plus a non-positive dynamic contribution; they are discussed as the strain energy release rate for the former and as the kinetic energy generating rate for the latter. They will be useful as new parameters related to the dynamical behavior of crack propagation. The mathematical derivations given here are not in detail, but rather the background of the assumptions and physical considerations of the results are emphasized.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2297/12190
資料種別: Journal Article
権利関係: 日本材料学会;本文データは日本材料学会の許諾に基づきCiNiiから複製したものである
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