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タイトル: アルカリシリカ反応によって劣化したコンクリートの組織と残留膨張性の予測(建設材料特集)
その他のタイトル: Textures of Concretes Affected Alkali-Silica Reaction and Prediction of Their Residual Expansion Capacity(Special Issue on Structural Materials)
著者: 竹内, 勝信
川村, 満紀 link image
鳥居, 和之 link image link image
Takeuchi, Katsunobu
Kawamura, Mitsunori
Torii, Kazuyuki
発行日: 1994年 8月15日
出版社(者): 日本材料学会
雑誌名: 材料=Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan
ISSN: 0514-5163
巻: 43
号: 491
開始ページ: 963
終了ページ: 969
キーワード: Existing damaged concrete
Alkali-Silica reaction
Residual expansion
Accelerated test
Thin section
Fluorescence microscope
Sodium chloride
抄録: Recently, a number of bridge concrete piers which appear to be damaged by the alkali-silica reaction, have been found in a certain district in Japan. The major purpose of this study is to reveal whether the damage in the concrete piers was caused by an alkali-sicica reaction. Another important problem is to predict the residual expansion capacity of the affected concretes for the purpose of repairing them appropriately. The reactivity of aggregates used in the concretes was investigated by microscopic examination. In this district, a large amount of sodium chloride is being used as a deicing agent for many years. Accelerated expansion tests in saturated NaCl solution as well as in high humidity were carried out to predict the residual expansion of the actually damaged concrete piers. The correlation between the results obtained by the accelerated expansion tests in saturated NaCl solution and in high humidity was found to be considerably good. Andesitic and rhyolitic aggregates in the concretes were reacting..
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2297/12299
関連URI: http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110002294221/
資料種別: Journal Article
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