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タイトル: コースティックス法による直交異方性CFRP積層材の応力拡大係数の測定
その他のタイトル: Measurement of Stress Intensity Factor for Orthotropic CFRP Laminate Material by Caustics Method
著者: 広瀬, 幸雄 link image
川岸, 雄一
岡本, 充
生水, 雅之
Hirose, Yukio
Kawagishi, Yuuichi
Okamoto, Mitsuru
Shozu, Masayuki
発行日: 1998年 3月15日
出版社(者): 日本材料学会
雑誌名: 材料=Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan
ISSN: 0514-5163
巻: 47
号: 3
開始ページ: 299
終了ページ: 304
キーワード: The method of caustics
Orthotropic materials
Stress intensity factor
Finite element analysis
Initial curve
Three-dimensional stress field
抄録: The optical method of caustics is a useful technique for determining the stress intensity factor K. The method has been mainly applied to isotropic materials. For anisotropic materials, however, the method has not been much studied. In this paper, the method of caustics is examined for a highly orthotropic unidirectionally reinforced carbonepoxy composite under mode I loading by using a coating technique, and the results are compared with those of finite element analysis. As a result, it was found possible to apply the method of caustics to orthotropic CFRP laminate material.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2297/12320
関連URI: http://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110002301620/
資料種別: Journal Article
権利関係: 日本材料学会;本文データは日本材料学会の許諾に基づきCiNiiから複製したものである
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