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平成19年4月 : [21]


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2007年 4月A prospective Cohort Study of Lower-Extremity Pressure Ulcer Risk Among Bedfast Older Adults大桒, 麻由美; Okuwa, Mayumi
2007年 4月Major structural factors of career orientation for public health nurses working in administrative agencies大倉, 美佳; Okura, Mika
2007年 4月Study regarding the Proficiency of Nursing Teacher and Stressor : Targeting Nursing Teachers at Special Technical Schools坂井, 恵子; Sakai, Keiko
2007年 4月Development of care for minimization of after-effects on mothers who donate organ to their children for pediatric liver transplants田村, 幸子; Tamura, Sachiko
2007年 4月Structure and Change in the Formation of Fall Risk Management Ability in Newly Recruited Nurses丸岡, 直子; Maruoka, Naoko
2007年 4月Psychosociological Development of Elderly People through Nursing Guided Autobiography Writing沼本, 教子; Numoto, Kyoko
2007年 4月Negative Correlation of G+C Content at Silent Substitution Sites Between Orthologous Human and Mouse Protein-Coding Sequences高橋, 直生; Takahashi, Naoki
2007年 4月Diagnosis of misery perfusion using noninvasive O-15 gas PET小林, 正和; Kobayashi, Masato
2007年 4月Histopathological effects of the traction on joint capsule after four-week knee joint immobilization in rats由久保, 弘明; Yoshikubo, Hiroaki
2007年 4月Gene analysis of inherited factor X deficiency and functional consequences of G114R and G223V mutations in a human factor X variant平野, 京子; Hirano, Kyoko
2007年 4月Development of a cone angle weighted three-dimensional image reconstruction algorithm to reduce cone-beam artifacts五味, 勉; Gomi, Tsutomu
2007年 4月Difficulties faced by care managers in interventions for family members who abuse the elderly: interviews with care workers表, 志津子; Omote, Shizuko
2007年 4月The effects of low-load resistance training on activity of daily living of elderly individuals requiring daily life assistance木林, 勉; Kibayashi, Tsutomu
2007年 4月The maeaning of "getting together" to older-elderly women in a mountainous community石原, 多佳子; Ishihara, Takako
2007年 4月Predictors of certification for long-term care need in community-dwelling older adults斉藤, 恵美子; Saito, Emiko
2007年 4月Intervention Process by Experienced Nurses for the Improvement of Self-Efficacy in Patients Suffering from Depression佐々木, 榮子; Sasaki, Eiko
2007年 4月Sexual Harassment of Female Nurses by Patients in Japan日比野, 由利; Hibino, Yuri
2007年 4月Uncertainty in beginners of public health nurse who work for local governments when providing mother-and-child health service塚田, 久恵; Tsukada, Hisae
2007年 4月Psychophysical evaluation of calibration curve for diagnostic LCD monitor上村, 正信; Uemura, Masanobu
2007年 4月A computer-aided temporal and dynamic subtraction technique of the liver for detection of small hepatocellular carcinomas on abdominal CT images奥村, 英一郎; Okumura, Eiichiro
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 21


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