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タイトル: The environmental changes in the area of Lake Baikal last 12 million years and marks of Lake Baikal research
著者: Kawai, Takayoshi
河合, 崇欣
発行日: 2006年 8月
出版社(者): 金沢大学21世紀COEプログラム環日本海域の環境計測と長期・短期変動予測
引用: バイカル巡検:サマースクール2006,pp.15-33
抄録: Abstract - Deeper understanding of ecosystem is desired for better environmental protection and control. Historical events sometimes caused accidentally new structures of ecosystem. Natural laws behind the various phenomena may be clearer in the period of drastic change of climate or other environmental conditions. The lake drilling science seems well complementary for a breakthrough of ecology with its unique, continuous and general records. Here, a small discussion is made about the new possibility of the lake drilling science when it is conjugated with ecological science, phylogeny and evolution.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2297/2376
資料種別: Research Paper

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