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タイトル: 非荷重部と荷重部の軟骨修復の違い : 非荷重部と荷重部の軟骨修復の違い
その他のタイトル: Differences of articular cartilage repair between unloading and loading portion : Histopathological analysis in full-thickness articular cartilage defect model in the rat knee
著者: 高橋, 郁文
細, 正博 link image link image
松崎, 太郎 link image link image
Takahashi, Ikufumi
Hoso, Masahiro
Matsuzaki, Taro
発行日: 2010年 7月30日
出版社(者): 金沢大学つるま保健学会 = the Tsuruma Health Science Society, Kanazawa University
雑誌名: 金沢大学つるま保健学会誌 = Journal of the Tsuruma Health Science Society Kanazawa University
ISSN: 1346-8502
巻: 34
号: 1
開始ページ: 69
終了ページ: 77
キーワード: Articular cartilage
Cartilage repair
Unloading portion
Loading portion
Full-thickness defect
抄録:  関節軟骨の全層欠損損傷は自然に修復されることが知られているが、軟骨再生について は不明な点が多く、修復組織に関して一致した見解は得られていない。そこで本研究では、 軟骨治療手術の一つであるMicrofractureを応用することで軟骨全層欠損モデルを作成す る事を試み、大腿骨内顆非荷重部および荷重部の軟骨修復の過程を組織学的に検討した。  対象として9週齢Wistar系雄性ラット60匹を用い、関節包上から左大腿骨内顆非荷重部 もしくは荷重部にワイヤーを用いて穿孔を行った。飼育期間後、組織標本を作製し、ヘマ トキシリン・エオジン染色を行い、光学顕微鏡下で病理組織学的に観察した。  非荷重部損傷群は1週、2週、4週後に無腐性壊死を伴う硝子軟骨組織により修復され たが、8週後には全例で線維軟骨様組織による修復となった。荷重部損傷群では1週、2 週、4週後とも非荷重部損傷群と類似した修復状態であったが、8週後では正常な関節軟 骨に類似した硝子軟骨組織によって修復された。  本結果より、非荷重部と荷重部の軟骨修復に差異があることが示唆され、この要因とし て損傷部位の違いが大きく影響していると考えられた。つまり、荷重や関節運動の有無に 加えて、非荷重部と荷重部軟骨に存在する元来の組織学的な相違、例えば、軟骨細胞の数 や軟骨層の厚さ、軟骨代謝の程度、荷重などの力学的負荷に対する耐久性、滑液循環量の 違いなどが修復能に影響を及ぼしていることが推測された。 It is known that a full-thickness articular cartilage defect is spontaneously repaired. However, the mechanisms of articular cartilage regeneration remains unclear, and the consistent opinions about the repair tissue are not obtained. In this study, we tried to produce a rat full-thickness articular defects model by applying Microfracture, known as one of the operative treatments for the cartilage injury. And we histopathologically studied the cartilage regeneration at the unloading and loading portion in a medial condyle of the femur.  We used sixty Wistar male rats of 9-week-old. Under anesthesia, thirty rats was penetrated the unloading portion in a medial condyle of the left femur over the capsule by a Kirschner wire (Group U). The other thirty rats was penetrated the loading portion (Group L). Both groups were divided into immediacy, 1, 2, 4, 8weeks (n=6). After the experimental period, the knee joints of each group were excised and stained with hematoxylin-eosin. We observed them under an optical microscope. The experimental protocol was approved by the Committee for Animal Experimentation at Kanazawa University.  In the group U, the repair tissues were hyaline-like tissue with aseptic necrosis and chondrocyte cloning from 1week to 4weeks, but at 8weeks the repair tissues were replaced with fibrocartilage-like tissue with blood vessels. In the group L, the repair tissues were hyaline-like tissue with aseptic necrosis and chondrocyte cloning from 1week to 4weeks, as well as group U. At 8weeks, the repair tissues were maintained hyaline tissue, which is similar with normal articular cartilage.  These results suggest that the cartilage regeneration has difference between unloading portion and loading portion. This difference in repair tissue may be influenced on the difference in the portion of the cartilage detect. In other words, besides the loading and the joint motion, the primary histological difference in between unloading portion and loading portion, for example, the number of chondrocytes, the thickness of cartilage, the degree of cartilage metabolism, the endurance for mechanical stress, and the amount of synovial fluid circulation may effect on cartilage repair.  In the future, in prerequisite condition for the increase of specimens and the quantitative assessment of repair tissue, it is necessary that articular cartilage regeneration is studied in long term.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2297/24782
資料種別: Departmental Bulletin Paper
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