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タイトル: セグメント化ポリウレタンウレア繊維の乾式紡糸工程のシミュレーション
その他のタイトル: Simulation for Dry Spinning Process of Segmented Poly (urethane-urea) Fibers
著者: 李, 光洙
山田, 敏郎
多田, 薫 link image link image
勝尾, 憲一
石原, 英昭
LI, Guangzhu
Yamada, Toshiro
Tada, Kaoru
Katsuo, Kenichi
Ishihara, Hideaki
発行日: 2007年 5月20日
出版社(者): プラスチック成形加工学会 = Japan Society of Polymer Processing
雑誌名: 成形加工 = Journal of the Japan Society of Polymer Processing
ISSN: 0915-4027
巻: 19
号: 5
開始ページ: 300
終了ページ: 310
キーワード: Dry spinning process
Diffusion coefficient
Spinline behavior
Segmented poly (urethane-urea)
抄録: Segmented poly (urethane-urea) (SPUU) fibers such as spandex fibers are usually produced by dry spinning process. The processing conditions for dry spinning of SPUU can be optimized by computer simulation. In this work, a simulation model is proposed for the dry spinning process where the SPUU dope in the liquid state is first extruded from the nozzle in the shape of spinline, then the solvent in the spinline is removed by the blowing of hot gas while elongated, and finally a few spinlines come to a fiber in the solid state after they are twisted. The deformation behavior, solvent concentration, temperature of spinline and so on can be predicted with this model. Governing equations composed of the equations of continuity, motion, energy, rheology and deflection were derived under the assumption of Newtonian fluid. Simulations for dry spinning process were carried out with various diffusion coefficients previously reported for two kinds of solvents (dimethyl formamid (DMF), dimethyl acetamide (DMAc)) and three measurement methods of diffusion coefficients (Moiré pattern, Film and Dope methods), where Moiré pattern method gives the mutual diffusion coefficient for the liquid-liquid system, Film method gives the diffusion coefficient of solvent into the film which changes from the solid state to the semisolid state during measurement, and Dope method gives the diffusion coefficient of solvent from the dope which changes from the liquid state to the (semi-) solid state during measurement. The temperature distribution in the spinning chamber was linearly approximated in the distribution close to a practical plant. The simulation model can predict the residual solvent concentration, temperature, cross sectional area, spinning stress and deflection of spinline. The simulation results denoted that the change of solvent concentration is mainly determined in the hot gas zone even if the diffusion coefficients are different. Therefore, the deformation behavior of spinline is chiefly governed in the hot gas zone. And there is little change found in the interim zone and blowing zone.
DOI: 10.4325/seikeikakou.19.300
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2297/28436
関連URI: http://www.jspp.or.jp/index.html
資料種別: Journal Article
権利関係: Copyright (c) 2009 社団法人 プラスチック成形加工学会
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