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平成22年5月 : [19]


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2010年 5月Preparation and evaluation of IADL improvement program for the elderly requiring support村井, 千賀; Murai, Chiga
2010年 5月Strengthening tactile sense capability by using the fingertips吉岡, 学; Yoshioka, Manabu
2010年 5月Spatial statistical smoothing function to analytical data from cerebral blood flow imaging山本, 智朗; Yamamoto, Tomoaki
2010年 5月Preliminary investigation of the clinical usefulness of super-high-resolution LCDs with 9 and 15 mega-sub-pixels : observation studies with phantoms西村, 綾; Nishimura, Aya
2010年 5月Curcumin-induced modulation of inflammatory cytokine production by circulating mononuclear cells via heme oxygenase-1二木, 敏彦; Futagi, Toshihiko
2010年 5月Image quality dependence on in-plane positions and directions for MDCT images原, 孝則; Hara, Takanori
2010年 5月Development of a noise reduction filter algorithm for pediatric body images in multidetector CT西丸, 英治; Nishimaru, Eiji
2010年 5月Radioanatomical study of the bronchovascular anomalies of the middle and lower lobes of the right lung using multidetector computed tomography奥村, 悠祐; Okumura, Yusuke
2010年 5月Requirements for successful self-help groups in mental health谷本, 千恵; Tanimoto, Chie
2010年 5月Support for infertility treatment in Japan : differences in perceptions between female clients and staff高林, 知佳子; Takabayashi, Chikako
2010年 5月Hormone levels in the saliva of lactating Vietnamese mothers in a dioxin hot-spot areaDang, Duc Nhu; ダン, ドゥック ニュ
2010年 5月The relationship between mental-health status and work-related factors in male Japanese overseas employees鈴木, 寛之; Suzuki, Hiroyuki
2010年 5月The effect of susceptibility of gadolinium contrast media on diffusion-weighted imaging and the apparent diffusion coefficient小倉, 明夫; Ogura, Akio
2010年 5月Molecular biological changes in reloaded skeletal muscles after rat hindlimb suspension辻, 圭一; Tsuji, Keiichi
2010年 5月Evaluation of transmission data of diagnostic X rays through concrete using Monte Carlo simulation能登, 公也; Noto, Kimiya
2010年 5月Competitive displacement of serum protein binding of radiopharmaceuticals with amino acid infusion investigated with N-isopropyl-p-123I-iodoamphetamine久家, 教幸; Kuga, Noriyuki
2010年 5月The reintegration into daily life of parents who have experienced the loss of a child, starting from building another lifestyle with their deceased child井上, ひとみ; Inoue, Hitomi
2010年 5月若年男性労働者が就職以降に体重増加・肥満に繋がる要因とその背景 : 特徴的な思考・行動パターンによる若年男性肥満労働者の類型化田甫, 久美子; Tanbo, Kumiko
2010年 5月Low serum secretory immunoglobulin A level and sense of coherence score at an early gestational stage as indicators for subsequent threatened premature birth関塚, 真美; Sekizuka, Naomi
検索結果表示: 1 - 19 / 19


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