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タイトル: 3 Tesla MRI detects accelerated hippocampal volume reduction in postmenopausal women
著者: Goto, Masami link image link image
Abe, Osamu
Miyati, Tosiaki link image link image
Inano, Sachiko
Hayashi, Naoto
Aoki, Shigeki
Mori, Harushi
Kabasawa, Hiroyuki
Ino, Kenji link image link image
Yano, Keiichi
Iida, Kyouhito
Mima, Kazuo
Ohtomo, Kuni
後藤, 政実
宮地, 利明
発行日: 2011年 1月
出版社(者): John Wiley & Sons Inc.
雑誌名: Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
ISSN: 1053-1807
巻: 33
号: 1
開始ページ: 48
終了ページ: 53
キーワード: central nervous system
magnetic resonance imaging
voxel-based morphometry
抄録: Purpose To clarify age-related structural changes specific to hippocampal volume by hierarchizing according to age, gender, and menopausal status. Many studies report the neuroprotective effects of estrogen and age-related brain volume changes; however, there are no studies regarding age-related change specific to hippocampal volume in terms of age, gender, and menopausal status. Materials and Methods T1-weighted MR images were obtained in 412 healthy adults divided into eight groups according to age and gender, to analyze brain volume change focusing on hippocampal volume. Results Voxel-based morphometry (VBM) revealed significantly smaller gray matter volume in the hippocampus bilaterally in females aged in their fifties (51 of 59 females were at menopause) compared with females in their forties (3 of 46 females were at menopause). No significant difference was found, however, between female groups in their fifties versus sixties, or sixties versus seventies; or between male groups in their forties versus fifties, fifties versus sixties, or sixties versus seventies. In addition, VBM revealed significant hippocampal volume reduction bilaterally in all postmenopausal women compared with all premenopausal women. Conclusion The results of the current study suggest that the menopause may be associated with hippocampal volume reduction. © 2010 Wiley-Liss, Inc.
内容記述: Thesis of Goto,Masami / 後藤 政実 博士学位論文(金沢大学 / 大学院医薬保健学総合研究科)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2297/30542
資料種別: Journal Article
版表示: author
出現コレクション:1. 査読済論文(医学・保健)

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