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1954年 3月The Geological Structure of Kagosima Prefecture Kyusyu District JapanArita, Tadao
1954年 3月A new Species of Lilium from the Island of SadoMasamune, Genkei; Satomi, Nobuo
1954年 3月Enumeratio Tracheophytarum Ryukyu Insularum IV.Masamune, Genkei
1954年 3月Fluorescent Substances and Substances Positive to the Ehrlicch'sDiazo Reagent in Mutantsof Drosophila melaogaster as revealed by Paper Chromatography.Umebachi, Yosisige; Nakamura, Akira
1954年 3月Morphrogical Studies on Muscoid Flies of Medical Importance in Japan. VII.Hori, Katsushige
1954年 3月On the Geographical Distribution of Some Brackish and Fresh-Water Copeppods in and around Japan.Mashiko, Kikuya
1954年 3月A Simple Method for the Verfication of the Proton Conduction through Substances Containing Hydoragon Bonds.Ida, Mitsuo
1954年 3月On the Dielectrics treated by an Electric Field. IIda, Mitsuo
1954年 3月Theoretical Consideration for the Measurements of Attenuation of Millimetre and Centimetre Waves in the rain fallSenda, Kantaroo
1954年 3月On the Remark of Laasonen's TheoremAkaza, Toru
1953年 3月Three Neogene species of Osumunda from Isikawa and Fukui Prefectures, Central JapanMatsuo, Hidekuni; 松尾, 秀邦
1953年 3月Studies on the Charophyta in Formosa IIImahori, Kozo
1953年 3月Enumeratio Tracheophytarum Ryukyu Insularum IIIMasamune, Genkei
1953年 3月Morphological Studies on Muscoid Flies of Medical Importance in Japan(IV)Hori, Katsushige
1953年 3月Cladocera and Rotatoria of Central China (Studies of the Fresh-water Plankton of Central China III)Masiko, Kikuya
1953年 3月Oxidation Equilibrium of the Electrolyte of Magnesium(Part2)Tsutiya, Ryokichi
1953年 3月Oxidation Equilibrium of the Electrolyte of Magnesium(Part 2)Tsutiya, Ryokichi
1953年 3月On the Prime Number TheoremEda, Yoshikazu
1953年 3月On the Canonical Basis of IdealsEda, Yoshikazu
1953年 3月On the Selberg's InequalityEda, Yoshikazu
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 22


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