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1979年12月Replacement of Galactolipids in Chloroplasts by Lecithin in the Presence of LysolecithinHoshina, Satoshi
1979年12月Comparison between the Type B Red Pigment and Melanin of the Papilionid Butterfly, Papilio demoleusUmebachi, Yoshishige
1979年12月Classification of Certain Manifolds with Sufficient ConnectednessYoshida, Jitsuo; Ishimoto, Hiroyasu
1979年 6月The Presence of 2-Hydroxy-3',4'- dihydroxyacetophenone in Hydrolysates of the Wing-Scales of ButterflyUmebachi, Yoshishige; Aburano, Yasuhiro
1979年 6月Inhibition of Electron Transport and Uncoupling of Photophosphorylation in Spinach Chloroplasts by LysolecithinHoshina, Satoshi
1979年 6月Systematic Studies on the Conducting Tissue of the Gametophyte in Musci (9)Kawai, Isawo
1979年 6月On the Almost Everywhere Convergence of Lacunary Spherical Partial Sums of Multiple Fourier SeriesKojima, Michitaka
1979年 6月On the Decomposition Theorem for (n-2)-Connected 2n-Dimensional π-ManifoldsIwasa, Junko; Miyoshi, Ken-ichi
検索結果表示: 1 - 8 / 8


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