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タイトル: Determination of Cu, Pb, Fe, and Zn in plant component polymers of a hyperaccumulating plant
著者: Kobayashi, Fumihisa
Maki, Teruya link image link image
Nakamura, Yoshitoshi
Ueda, Kazumasa
小林, 史尚
牧, 輝弥
上田, 一正
発行日: 2005年
出版社(者): 日本分析化学会
引用: Analytical Sciences 21 (12), pp. 1553-1556
雑誌名: Analytical Sciences
ISSN: 0910-6340
巻: 21
号: 12
開始ページ: 1553
終了ページ: 1556
抄録: Phytoremediation is an innovative technology that utilizes the natural properties of plants to remediate hazardous waste sites. For more cost-effective phytoremediation, it is important to utilize a hyperaccumulating plant after phytoremediation, i.e. the recovery of valuable metals and the production of useful materials. In this work, the determination of metals in plant component polymers in a fern, Athyrium yokoscense, as a hyper-accumulating plant was established using steam explosion, Wayman's extraction method, and ICP emission spectrometry. After A. yokoscense plants were treated by steam explosion, the steam-exploded A. yokoscense were separated into four plant component polymers, i.e. water-soluble material fraction, holocellulose fraction, methanol-soluble lignin fraction, and residual lignin fraction. The concentrations of Cu, Pb, Fe, and Zn in these plant component polymers and the dry weights of plant component polymers were measured. These analytical process determining metals in the plants will contribute to not only the evaluation and the efforts of phytoremediation using a hyperaccumulating plant, but also to the development of more effective phytoremediation. 2005 © The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry.
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資料種別: Journal Article
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