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vol.04 issue 1 : [9]


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2016年 1月15日Integrated Neighbourhood Network on A Case Study of Condominium Community: Nimmanhaemin District, Chiang Mai ThailandKitika, Chiranthanin; Katsuhiko, Suzuki
2016年 1月15日Regeneration of Historic Area with Social Orientation:Investigation and Analysis of Three Historic Areas in BeijingYang, Shi; Lanchun, Bian
2016年 1月15日Research on Smart Community Planning of Yishanwan, China towards New UrbanizationDang, Anrong; Gongli, Li; Juan, Li; Xianjuan, Kong
2016年 1月15日Study of Performance Assessment for Urban Renewal Project in Taipei CityKuan-Hua, Huang; Jen-Te, Pai; Jen-Hua, Liu
2016年 1月15日Empirical Analysis of the Digital Divide from the Perspective of Internet Usage Patterns: A Case Study of NanjingEnyu, Chang; Feng, Zhen; Yang, Cao
2016年 1月15日“Attending Nearby Schools” in Central Beijing: Influencing Factors and the Policy DistortionBo, Bi; Xiaoling, Zhang
2016年 1月15日Protection and regeneration of traditional buildings based on BIM:A case study of Qing Dynasty tea house in Guifeng VillageBai, Suling; Ying, Zhang; Claudia, Stancanelli
2016年 1月15日Analysis of spatial and temporal patterns of daily activities of suburban residents based on GPS data: A case study of the Shangdi-Qinghe area of BeijingXue, Zhang; Yanwei, Chai; Zifeng, Chen; Yiming, Tan
2016年 1月15日Special Issue on “Sustainable Residential Areas”Tracey, Taylor; Zhenjiang, Shen
検索結果表示: 1 - 9 / 9


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