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タイトル: Prostaglandin I2 enhances cough reflex sensitivity to capsaicin in the asthmatic airway
シリーズ番号/レポート番号: 2
著者: Ishiura, Yoshihisa
Fujimura, Masaki link image
Nobata, Kouichi
Oribe, Yoshitaka
Abo, Miki
Myou, Shigeharu link image
藤村, 政樹
発行日: 2007年11月12日
出版社(者): BioMed Central
引用: Cough 2007, 3:2
雑誌名: Cough
ISSN: 1745-9974
巻: 3
号: 2
開始ページ: 1
終了ページ: 7
抄録: Inflammatory mediators are involved in the pathogenesis of airway inflammation, but the role of prostaglandin I2 (PGI2) remains obscure. This study was designed to investigate the role of PGI2 in cough reflex sensitivity of the asthmatic airway, which is characterized by chronic eosinophilic airway inflammation. The effect of beraprost, a chemically and biologically stable analogue of PGI2, on cough response to inhaled capsaicin was examined in 21 patients with stable asthma in a randomized, placebo-controlled cross over study. Capsaicin cough threshold, defined as the lowest concentration of capsaicin eliciting five or more coughs, was measured as an index of airway cough reflex sensitivity. The cough threshold was significantly (p < 0.05) decreased after two weeks of treatment with beraprost [17.8 (GSEM 1.20) μM] compared with placebo [30.3 (GSEM 1.21) μM]. PGI2 increases cough reflex sensitivity of the asthmatic airway, suggesting that inhibition of PGI2 may be a novel therapeutic option for patients with asthma, especially cough predominant asthma.
DOI: 10.1186/1745-9974-3-2
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2297/7280
資料種別: Journal Article
版表示: publisher
出現コレクション:1. 査読済論文(医学・保健)

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