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タイトル: Imaging diagnosis of hepatic metastases of pancreatic carcinomas: Significance of transient wedge-shaped contrast enhancement mimicking arterioportal shunt
著者: Gabata, Toshifumi link image link image
Matsui, Osamu link image
Terayama, Noboru
Kobayashi, Satoshi link image link image
Sanada, Junichiro link image
蒲田, 敏文
松井, 修
小林, 聡
眞田, 順一郎
発行日: 2008年 7月
出版社(者): Springer Verlag (Germany)
雑誌名: Abdominal Imaging
ISSN: 0942-8925
巻: 33
号: 4
開始ページ: 437
終了ページ: 443
キーワード: Arterioportal shunt
Liver metastasis
Pancreatic carcinoma
抄録: We aimed to evaluate the imaging findings of hepatic metastases from pancreatic cancers, especially wedge-shaped enhancement and its etiology. Dynamic CT and MR images were performed in 87 patients with liver metastases from pancreatic carcinomas, and CT during arterial portography (CTAP) and CT during hepatic arteriography (CTHA) in 51 patients. Liver metastases were multiple in 84 patients (97%) and solitary in only three (3%). In 44 of 87 patients (51%), all liver metastases showed ring-like enhancement compatible with metastatic adenocarcinomas on dynamic CT and/or dynamic MR imaging. In 37 patients, more than one metastatic lesion showed wedge-shaped contrast enhancement on dynamic CT, dynamic MRI and CTHA, and wedge-shaped perfusion defect on CTAP adjacent to metastatic tumors. Six patients showed multiple wedge-shaped enhancements, which were initially diagnosed as multiple arterioportal shunts (AP shunts). However, metastatic tumors appeared within the area of wedge-shaped enhancement and increased in size on follow-up CT and/or MR images. After all, 43 of 87 patients (49%) had AP shunt like contrast enhancement adjacent to liver metastases. Liver metastases from pancreatic carcinomas frequently show transient wedge-shaped enhancement, and should not be misdiagnosed as nontumorous arterioportal shunts. © 2007 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.
DOI: 10.1007/s00261-007-9280-7
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2297/9986
資料種別: Journal Article
版表示: author
出現コレクション:1. 査読済論文(医学・保健)

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